Summer To-Dos For Toddlers

Have you seen those fun lists of things to do with your kids this summer?

As fun as those lists look, I have yet to find one that will really work for our family. I work out of the home 6 hours each day, and I have a two year old. As cool as it would be to visit an art museum the experience would be lost on my kiddo. She HATES when she can’t touch things! And let’s be real, after the all the gorilla mom shaming, I’m planning to stay away from the zoo until my kid is at least 20 and moved out.

It’s not always easy to get out of town for a fun outing (Dad works nights), and small town living means finding joy in the little things. So here’s my toddler approved activities for the working mom.

toddler to do list

So tell me, what’s on your list of to-dos this summer?


Monthly Bill Checklist – FREE PRINTABLE!

Raise your hand if you forget to reply to text? Forget to call people back? Forget to respond to emails? Forget to pay the bills?

GULP. That’s me.

If I don’t do something the moment I think about it, I forget about it. Its a real problem. I swear, at least once or twice we have to pay a late fee for a bill because I just straight up forgot about it. What is up with that?

I either leave the bills in the car or misplace them in house. Open it and never think about it again.

The problem is that I just have too much going on in my mind. There is not enough space for all the things I’m supposed to remember. I believe there are finite number of memory cells in our brains. And mine is filled to capacity with very important things like “Did I feed Liz this morning? Do the dogs have water? Where are my keys? Did I take Liz to potty in the last hour? Did I close the refrigerator door last time I was in there?”

Yeah, its full. So to make life easier, and to remember to pay our bills. I made THIS  little tracker! Its super handy!

Monthly Bills Checklist

Pay a bill. check it off. Can’t remember if you paid this month off not? Look at the list….not checked off. Didn’t pay it.

For automatic bills, I wait until its deducted from my bank account to check it off. Typically, I receive an email when the bill has officially been paid so that’s when I check it off.

I’ve used this in years past, and I can’t even tell you why I stopped! Its one of the best systems I’ve ever used to make sure bills are paid each month. You can pin it up on a cork board or tape it inside your planner, put it where it will work best for YOU.


See ya next time! (soon, I promise!)

I Created A Capsule Wardrobe!

I’m working on getting myself out this mess I call life! My entire house needs total organization and decluttering! A couple of weeks ago, I did some random decluttering but this weekend, I had one goal. That was our laundry monster.

dirty laundry

We have a serious laundry problem. No joke. Neither my husband or I particularly care for doing laundry. It’s really a problem. Our bedroom is almost always covered in a thick layer of laundry….both clean and dirty.

Anyway, this weekend I decide to tackle that monster. Which led to me totally clearing out my closet. Although to be honest, most of it was slewed across the floor or stuffed into a basket so there wasn’t much left in the closet.

I started my taking out all the junk I just don’t really care for anymore things that don’t fit well. I also cleared out my stash of ratty, holey, stained t-shirts. It was bad, friends. Like really bad. I have had a collection of t-shirts from like the last 5 years. Or duplicate shirts…like two navy tees, and two black tees. I also decided that I really didn’t need a stack of old worn out workout pants and tanks that don’t fit well. Bye-Felica. I finished with a full trash bag of things to donate/toss.

capsule wardrobe

While I was sorting through the stuff I don’t like, I came across a good collection of things I really do like, but never wear. I have two skirts, one dress, a nice pair of slacks, and a pair of grey jeans that I pretty much never wear. The truth is, I’m lazy. Super lazy. I tend to grab a t-shirt and jeans because I don’t want to think about putting together an outfit.

My winter closet now consists of::
5: Sweaters/Jackets/cardigan
2: Nice tank tops for work
7: t-shirts in a variety of colors. Mostly neutrals.
5: Long sleeve shirts
1: Dress
2: Skirts
3: Jeans
2: Pants (other than jeans)
2: Sweatshirts

My goal was 30-40 pieces, and I did not include shoes or accessories. (or workout clothes, although I did eliminate everything that I don’t care for or that was worn out) I now also have a list of articles of clothing I’m allowed to buy. I will also need to adjust when warmer weather hits.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.21.35 PM

Thank you pinterest, for showing me….It doesn’t have to be that hard. I surfed pins all evening with classic outfits made from just a few pieces of clothing.

I definitely think its time for me to start dressing better. Putting a little more effort into my appearance….you guys….I’m going to be 30 next year. Time to start dressing the part.


In the end, this made me more excited about putting together outfits with the clothes I currently own! I’m not in the position to be spending money. It was actually kind of fun to shop my closet.


2015 in Review

2015 was a pretty great year! It wasn’t a big life changing year, in 20 or 30 years I won’t likely remember much about this year, but for now its fun to look back and see what happened. Thank you Instagram & Facebook for this!

In January, we celebrated my hubs birthday per usual. Buffalo Wild Wings & Cake. The same thing is planned for this upcoming weekend!

Then in February, we celebrated my Lizzy’s first birthday and we got her a puppy! They are still best friends.

Lizzy & Cora! 💜💜

A video posted by Erin Alexander (@erin.alexander32) on Feb 7, 2015 at 11:26am PST


These two have so much fun playing! #baby #puppy #goldenretriever #bestbuds #love #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram A photo posted by Erin Alexander (@erin.alexander32) on Feb 19, 2015 at 7:52am PST


March was my birthday, my hubby surprised me with a party! It was AMAZING!! I loved it. I also got to see Maroon 5 with one of my besties!

It was a great weekend!

Love love love! I’m so lucky to have this girl as my best friend! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you @tfalconer182

A photo posted by Erin Alexander (@erin.alexander32) on Mar 30, 2015 at 2:34pm PDT

April and May were quite months. In June we took Lizzy to pick strawberries! This picture is just too dang cute!

My best friend in the whole wide world got married! The whole family was in their wedding! It THE most perfect wedding!

I sure love this man with all my heart! And he looks smoking hot in a tuxedo too! 😍

A photo posted by Erin Alexander (@erin.alexander32) on Jun 20, 2015 at 11:29pm PDT

Isn’t she a GORGEOUS bride? I just love this lady with my whole being.


July was the most exciting month, I think! I took my first flight down to Texas for the International Jamberry Confrence! It was an amazing experience! I loved every second of it.

Hey, that’s me! Premiere Consultant… Next stop Team Manager! #jamcon2015 #jamberry #lovemyjob

A photo posted by Erin Alexander (@erin.alexander32) on Jul 23, 2015 at 5:32pm PDT


Dance floor selfie! @katieheddleston #jamcon2015 A photo posted by Erin Alexander (@erin.alexander32) on Jul 25, 2015 at 7:55pm PDT

From August to December, I don’t have many photos on instagram. I struggled to get back to losing weight, I mostly just worked on my business. Which was fantastic! I’ve had three months of great sales, and even being the top sales in my team for a few months which feels so great!

Finally this month, I shook off my funk. I started taking some time for myself and doing things just for me. I started my gratitude journal again, bought a coloring book, worked on organizing and decorating my house. And really got back to Weight Watchers and the gym. I’m in a really great place right now.

Happy snowy Friday, friends! I’m pretty sure cozy hats, coffee and pretty nails are what makes the world go around! 🙂

A photo posted by Erin Alexander (@erin.alexander32) on Dec 18, 2015 at 11:22am PST

2015 was great! Not super memorable, but still great! I’m looking forward to 2016! Cheers!

The Best Week Of The Year

I love this week. The week between Christmas and New Years. Its a week full of hope and plans, and goal setting. I just love it. Its the optimist in me, and the list maker.

I just love sitting down with a fresh planner or notebook and scheduling things, making plans, determining the future.

I’ve already scheduled doctor appointments for myself and for my daughter in the coming weeks. Marked down the dates for online class I’m taking. Made myself a monthly cleaning list like dusting my ceiling fan and running the clean cycle on my dishwasher and washing machine. I’m even working on a blog content schedule. It feels good to be on top of things!

I also love the idea of yearly goals or resolutions. Who cares if you don’t stick to them. The idea of challenging yourself and determining to make a change is admirable! I can’t stand it when people complain about new years gym-goers. I think we should applaud any effort from those who wish to change their lives. Taking that first step is hard.

This year I want to make vision board. I haven’t done that in years. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually made vision board. I remember on year I made a list of goals and cut out pictures to go with it.

I’m really looking forward to 2016. It’s going to be a good one!

Life is Still A Mess

Well, here we are…my one year blog-iversary.

My life is still a mess. I’m still the  lazy, uninspired, over-weight, plain woman I was 365 days ago.  Can I just hang my head in shame? I’m so disappointed in myself.

I’m trying not to cry at this moment. I’ve been very emotional the last few days.  


It’s really time to make some changes. I need to change. I can’t keep feel this way. I miss the way I felt 3 years and 50 pounds ago.

My life is different now. I know that, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I feel very happy with the place I’m at right now. Blake and I have a gorgeous little girl, plus two dogs. I love our home, and town. I have a great job, where I’m valued and feel welcome. I love my other business, my home business.

I just want more. I want to wake up and refreshed. I want to be more organized. I want to feel fulfilled. I want to feel healthier. I want to feel beautiful. I want so much more than now.

I’m starting now.

I had to buy bigger pants.

Its true. And it wasn’t as miserable as I thought it would be.

In fact, it was actually kind of awesome.Yep I admit it!

I walked into my favorite store, where the ladies know who I am. I always shop there. When they asked what I needed, I told them right out. “I need to buy bigger pants.” We all laughed about it, because I think we all know the pain that goes with that statement, and we’ve all been there.

Seriously, I have been stuffing myself into pants that are too small for several weeks now. Probably about 2 months ago, I found myself with lots of old pants that were falling apart, so I bought new pants. One sizer smaller than the ones that finally gave out.

So I bought these smaller pants, even though they were just a smidge too tight. I thought I’d lose a little weight, and they would fit better.

Well, I didn’t and they didn’t. It just got worse. I was doing great at losing weight, but over the last few months my efforts have come to complete stop. So my pants got even tighter. And when it comes to these kinds of things, I am….1- too stubborn to admit defeat, and 2- too cheap to buy more pants so soon. And I am also not one of those smart people who saves receipts.

So anyway, on Saturday, I had enough of all these tight pants, digging in, leaving red marks all over my hips. My sister and I had been out shopping all day, so we stopped off at my favorite store and got me some bigger pants!

It was glorious. For one, my sister was there to wrangle my kid, so I wasn’t chasing after her or having re-fold all the clothes she would inevitably throw on the floor. Second of all, because I was actually trying on pants that fit I had options! I think I tried on 6 pair total, and picked out two that fit perfectly.

And here’s the biggest surprise of all! My new pants are “plus size”. I’m this wonderful size where I can fit the smallest plus size, and its actually kind of fun. I like having options from both sides of the store! There was this fun shirt, that I just loved but could only find a small, but they also had it in plus size so I won anyway! (For the record, I didn’t buy the shirt because I’m on a budget. need>wants=adulting.)

I’m loving these pants so much I don’t even want to loose weight because then they wont fit! The plus size are cut just a tad different so they sit a little higher on my hips but are still the low-rise type that I think are most comfortable for my body type. Which is apple shaped…or maybe potato. Oh and they make my booty look good. I’ll spare you that picture.

The moral of the story here is….buy pants that fit.